Monday, May 16, 2011

Barn Hop #13

Happy Monday Morning to everyone! Ready to Dosado?  It's your opportunity to tell us what's been going on at your homestead this past week. Join the Homestead Barn Hop Hostesses and link up your blog with a post about anything homesteading related.

After my last week with coyotes, rattlesnakes, owls, and such, this week almost seemed boring! But I needed the "quiet" time to get ready for the rummage sale, which went quite well. My storeroom above the garage is cleared of most items and ready to be cleaned and organized with what is remaining. I made enough money to pay for the block to build retaining walls in my garden and had some extra to pick up TEN of these wonderful windows at the rummage sale for an excellent price. I'll use them for either a much needed garden shed or for cold frames. (Does this count for the Prepping Challenge as well?) There just aren't a lot of old homes where I live, so to find this many in decent condition is amazing.

This week, I added another super to my bees. They have not completely filled out the comb in the lower box, but I didn't want to wait too long. Also, I want to make sure they build the comb correctly on the new frames. So for now, I added a queen excluder below the top super and later when know they're building it out correctly, I'll remove the excluder. 

If they don't build the comb correctly, I'll have to move frames around a lot or remove some comb and I don't want to worry about the queen being in the way. I did see her and she was busy as a bee (sorry for the pun!). Brood was coming along nicely and everyone seemed happy. I finally found the right time of day to go into the hive and not have so many bees in there and my oldest daughter joined me (proud mom!). She's going to be an excellent beekeeper!

On a sad note, I have a meat chick with leg issues. Only two weeks old and it can't stand up. I prayed the Lord would just heal it or take it quickly, but I'm afraid we're going to have to deal with it ourselves. If it were an older bird, it would be easier, but the thought of putting down a chick is heartbreaking. I purposefully have not been handling these chicks a lot so that we don't get attached, but a chick is a chick. So vulnerable. Any suggestions would be appreciated (I already tried a splint and it didn't work). 

I also got some sewing done and a few things planted, but I'm saving both of these for a couple of posts this week. I have a great idea to share on planting that I learned from another blogger which I want to share with you. 

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