Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DVD Review: Alternatives To Dentists

Alternatives To Dentists is a new eye opening DVD being offered from Marjory Wildcraft of Grow Your Own Groceries (a.k.a. Backyard Food Productions). When I first heard about this DVD, I didn't think it was for me. I mean, it just wasn't a top 10 priority at this point in my life or in my homesteading. But teeth are one of those things we take for granted until the moment of crisis when we get a toothache. Seriously, doesn't the world come to a halt at that point?

No, I'm not suggesting that you ditch your family dentist! And neither does herbalist Doug Simons, who is the featured lecturer on Alternatives To Dentists. He does show you what to do in case you can't get to a dentist, which in and of itself is really helpful, but what I really liked about this DVD were the things I learned to help build up the health of my teeth so I wouldn't need extra emergency care or invasive dental work.

I have about the worst teeth of anyone I know. I don't know how it happened, but the only thing good I can say is that I still have them (well, not all of them, but enough!). I think part of my demise was growing up during a time when preventative measures were few and when they decided to fill a tooth, the removed way too much of the healthy tooth and filled it with a large mercury amalgam filling. It didn't help that I knocked out my front teeth 3 times - my top two front teeth twice! Once my baby teeth and then my permanent tooth on the right front side. Add to that over 14 years of braces on and off and then on again and off (a total of 5 times) and you can imagine my teeth are a bit discolored now. And a lot of enamel is worn off. I've been brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth for years! Add to that a couple of root canals, an implant, and a spin through splints for TMJ and I'm the poster child for bad teeth!

So along comes Doug Simons' DVD and he talks about tips for actually building up enamel on your teeth using herbs! It sounds almost too good to be true! I'm sure it will take time, but I have little to loose at this point. As soon as I can find the items I need, I'm going to give his "recipe" a whirl.

Other topics Simons covers includes:

• dental hygiene without brushes, paste, or floss
• how to make your own tooth powder
• healing cavities with herbs
• treating abscesses with herbs and poultices
• treating cracked and chipped teeth
• reversing receding gums and gum disease
• information on root canals
• floride, is it good or bad for you?

I'm not a practitioner and again, I'm not recommending you stop seeing your dentist. But if this DVD can help you in advance or when you can't get to a dentist, then I'm all ears. And if nationalized health care really does materialize, then we may be needing more information like this to treat ourselves in the future! At the very least, Doug explains a lot about teeth so that you can make a better decision even when you do go to the dentist. It's just good stewardship to do the best you can with your body in terms of being responsible, proactive, and preventative. And I could do better at this! But, I just didn't realize it was really possible until I watched his lecture.

One caveat I must include regarding this Alternatives To Dentists. Simons does not teach his material from a Biblical worldview and includes some information about talking to the plants as you are harvesting material from them. He has traveled and learned a lot about herbs and healing practices from Native American Indian tribes and some of their world view comes through in one particular teaching scene. That aside, I believe he has some good knowledge that many can benefit from. You just need to be aware in advance that this appears in the DVD.  

What do you think? Share a bit about something you'd like to learn in order to improve the health of your teeth or something natural you are already doing for your pearly whites!

I received a copy of Alternatives To Dentists to review, but I have not been paid for this endorsement. My views are strictly my own.


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