Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News on "New Life On A Homestead"

Hi friends,

I just want to let everyone know that Kendra's site, New Life On A Homestead, got hacked this week and she is working like crazy to get it fixed. It may take a while, but I told her that she's well loved and all her readers will be back. If you want to encourage her, you can find her on Facebook and let her know you'll be around when she's back on line. (Wouldn't it be great if she got a gazillion Facebook followers this week as a result? Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!)

Unfortunately, a few blogs that have links to her are also affected. A warning sign will pop up when you try to enter the site. This too should be corrected in time. Kendra feels really bad about this and doesn't even know all the sites that are affected to even contact them. So if you'll let everyone know who's asking what the situation is, she would be most grateful, I'm sure!

And for those of you using Wordpress, every time there's a new version released, Kendra says to update all your stuff a.s.a.p.!


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