Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winner: Preparedness Challenge Link Up

Those who participated in the Preparedness Challenge this past Saturday were automatically entered in a give-away sponsored by USA Emergency Supply. This month's prize, a 5 gallon water barrel for emergency water storage, will be sent to our winner who was selected by random drawing from the those who linked up their blog OR left a comment telling what they had done to prepare in one of three categories (or all 3):

• Food Storage
• Emergency Preparedness
• Sustainable Living

Each of these three categories helps to make a family better prepared to deal with various events in our lives whether it's a natural disaster, a financial loss (such as a job), or as a result of a man-made disaster/event. Like having a savings account, putting a little food and supplies aside for hard times is both biblical and wise (see my prior posts under topics: Preparedness). 

Congratulations to our January winner...

Our winner wrote a post on how much sugar her family used in 2011. This amazing woman cans A LOT, so most of it went into canned goods, but she also counted her honey and molasses. You need to read her article to get an idea of how well she is prepared!

Now is the time to start preparing for the February challenge. I'm making a list so I don't forget what I've done over the month (I have a hard time remembering some days!). So start getting ready now for the Preparedness Challenge on the last Saturday of the month, February 25th!



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