Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Give Away: Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go

I read a lot of "how-to" non-fiction, but once in a while it's really refreshing to read something from a different genre. After a long hard week, it's so relaxing to curl up by the fire or in bed with a good story!

About Vyrso 

Recently I was asked to review an eBook from Vyrso. Now I had not heard of Vyrso, or so I thought, until my contact told me that it was an arm of Logos Software. I was able to easily add a free Vyrso app to my iPhone and download a book in just minutes (maybe seconds!). It can also be added to an Android or iPad.

This was my first book to read in it's entirety on an electronic device. I'm typically a "hold the book in my hands and smell it" kind of a gal. I like pages and pictures (if it's a reference book) as well as the front cover. But I must admit, I loved having the eBook with me whenever I had a few minutes to spare; while waiting at the doctor's office, in line at the drive through bank, etc. Much easier than hauling around a book!

I really can't compare the Vyrso app to a Kindle (or similar device) since I haven't used the Kindle much. My husband has one, but it really didn't inspire me to pick it up and use it. The Vyrso app was different. I found I didn't mind reading on it for the most part. But I confess... I do love my iPhone and that may have made a bit of a difference as well. Being able to adjust things like the size of the font, the color of the background, and a few other things, made it so I could customize it form my preferences. When you close the app, your place is bookmarked so you don't have to hunt down where you left off, but if you need to go the Table of Contents or skip to a chapter, a small icon made it easy to navigate.

About The eBook

Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go, by Naomi Dathan, is THE ultimate homesteading fiction book. If you've ever thought you might like to live off-grid, you were born in the wrong era, or you just wonder what it would have been like to homestead in Nebraska during the 1800's, then this is the book for you! But get ready... you'll experience every emotion you can imagine as you enter Jem Perkins world.

I told my contact that I'm a slow reader and it would take me a while to get through the book. However, I found that I couldn't put my iPhone down once I started reading and a couple of nights, I was up way past my bed time so I could read just one more chapter! It was that good!

Imagine you were raised with every comfort during your time, a bit spoiled (to say the least), and suddenly, your husband says, "Honey, pack the bags. We're moving and going totally off-grid in the back country." I realize some of you would be jumping up and down for joy, but remember... Jem Perkins thinks roughing it is doing without a new dress for a special event!

But Jem doesn't give up so easily. She's got spirit and spunk, even if it is misplaced at times! God works in her heart throughout the story as He uses trials, the hardships of settling an untamed land, and learning to submit both to God and her husband as well as to teach her what's really important in life. Just when you think she's figured it out, her greatest challenge comes with the Children's Blizzard of 1888.

That's all I'm going to tell you... what fun would it be if I told you everything? If you want to read some more reviews, check out the Good Reads! And if you find that you like this... she's working on a sequel!

Update: “Download Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go for VyrsoKindleNook, or Kobo, and start reading!”

Meet Naomi Dathan

Be sure to come back on Thursday as I will be hosting an interview with the author herself! I've been reading up on her and this is one amazing woman! Before being published, Naomi spent 5 years as a caretaker for her chronically-ill husband. To help pay for medical expenses, she took editing jobs, writing assignments, and wrote five novels at her husband's bedside. Despite her efforts, it was Naomi's hope in Christ and the generosity of her community that kept her family afloat.

Last spring, her dreams came true and three of her novels were picked up by publishers. Six months later, her husband passed away, just one month before the launch of her first book, Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go. The hardships of prairie life in the 1800's are not unlike her own. In a way, Naomi's book is a reflection of her own life story; one filled with hope, tragedy, and the assurance that God's story continues, even through the storms.

Enter The Give-Away
I'm going to try something different for this give-away. Since most of you entering will probably be a bit "tech-savvy" (since you probably have an iPhone, iPad, or Droid), I want to try using Punch tab for entries. Just click on the links in the box and you should be good to go. I'd love to hear what you think of Punch tab in the comments section of this post so I can decide if I want to use it in the future.


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