Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update: New Life On A Homestead

Well, praise the LORD! Kendra at New Life On A Homestead is back up and running after the very trying experience of having her blog hacked by an automated crawler of some kind. She still doesn't have all the graphics working, a few pages won't load, and she lost a few posts that hadn't been backed up prior to the crawler, but thankfully, she does not have to start from scratch. In time, she'll get the rest sorted out, but it would be awesome if we could send some traffic her way today and let her know we're still around. And for all those who "liked" her on Facebook during this bump in the road, THANK YOU! That is part of what it means to cultivate the homestead community!

By the way... her message to all of you who use a platform that requires backing up... do it daily!

UPDATE at 10:45 on 2/22/12:
Unfortunately, whatever is attacking her site has done it again (after being problem free for 24 hours!). Please pray for Kendra so that this can be resolved. It's very frustrating and time consuming for her. I can only imagine! I'll try to let you know when she gets it resolved.


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