Monday, March 21, 2011

Barn Hop #5

It's Monday! Yahoo! Homestead Barn Hop Day! I hope you have a post to share so you can link up and we can all come visiting today. I'm most anxious to see what you're up to.

Wow... it's been busy here! I spent most of my time this week preparing for a gardening class I taught at our local nursery. You know how that goes... the teacher always learns the most. I spent hours reviewing techniques and notes so I'd be fresh on my material and now I'm so ready to get after it in the garden! Thankfully, we're have several days of rain in our typically dry region, so I don't want to complain. But it isn't allowing me to get out into the yard. I think I'll just be patient and wait. 

Another thing I did this week is work on culturing buttermilk, sour cream, and yogurt. I'm loving the GNOWFGLINS™ class on Cultured Dairy and Cheese Making. We're swimming in wonderful probiotics and cultures!

Abby at Forgotten Way Farms is hosting a give-away for a DVD, Making Herbs Simple. I'd really like to learn more about using herbs medicinally. I'm thinking this would be a great summer project, what do you think?

Later this week I'll be hosting the ladies from our local Homesteading Group to make homemade soap! I've been waiting for months to do this, so I can hardly wait! I hope I don't get so excited I forget to take pictures!

So, what's happening at your homestead?

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  1. Amy,

    You are wonderful Titus 2 woman! I just wish I could attend your classes too.

    Great job,


  2. I will be re-posting a review on that herb video this week. Small world! LOL!

  3. For my birthday my husband gave me dirt. I like saying that...really it was all the stuff needed to make enough MM (mel's mix for square foot gardens) to fill the two new 4'x8'x12" boxes he just made. Got those filled. Also got potatoes planted in the tower my son made last year. We live in the suburbs so there isn't lots of room and the soil is a mess from all the equipment used to slap up as many houses as possible. SFG is working for me. I was also given a soil cuber for my b-day. We made the mix for cubes and I will start making flats of those today. The early spring garden is coming along. The strawberries need attention and I have onion slips that should be slipped into the soil today but what I REALLY want to do is learn to make soap. Way kewl that you are sharing that skill!

  4. Learning to make soap is a useful skill. Good luck with your event. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting another barn hop! PS I LOVE your new Spring blog header!!!

  6. Wish I were close enough for classes too! I love the Barn Hop. I'm kicking myself for not linking up my chicken saddle post last week. What was I thinking? This Monday, I just have a *fun* post up about my new chicken wellies... maybe next Monday I'll Barn Hop along! -Tammy

  7. Thank you Amy! You are the best. Having a fantastic time on these Barn Hops :)

  8. So wish I had signed up for that class now! We had quite a landfall and have been blessed with about 12 gallons of raw milk purchased from the Amish. I have cultured butter, buttermilk and yogurt in the fridge now along with almost 4 gallons of skimmed milk. Leaving now to pick up another couple of gallons. And all at only $2 per gallon! What a blessing!

  9. Wow Amy, you have so many exciting things going on. I think the soapmaking will be a lot of fun. There is nothing better in quality and texture than homemade soap. I think my skin improved with homemade soap...seriously!!! Oh, I think that herb class wo uld be really interesting. I don't know much about herbs...but I do enjoy teas from a c ompany called Traditional Medicinals, and I swear by them. So I think it would be fun to learn about how you can use them in your home :) :) Have a lovely week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. Thank you so much for blogging about our giveaway Amy! I came over for the barn hop today and saw it posted. I want you to know that I love the barn hop! This is my first barn hop, and it won't be the last one. This has been so much fun. Thanks again- Abby Jo @ Forgotten Way Farms - Homestead Drying

  11. Just came across your blog, and am looking forward to reading more! I'm wondering where the lids on your jars are from - are they reused, or are they available for purchase somewhere? Thank you!

  12. Hi Sherrie, the lids are from Ball. You an find them under my BOOKS tab in my bookstore; go to the last page of it (I think they're on page 4 or 5).

  13. Amy I wanted to thank you for the very lovely comment you left on my Chicken coop 101 post. You are an inspiration and I love your blog.

  14. Thanks so much! I've never seen them here in Canada, but I'll start looking!


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