Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winner: JOYS Filing System Give-Away!

What a needed give-away this has been! Sounds like most of us could use help getting organized better on some level with our filing systems. Thank you to Cathy of Just Organize Your Stuff: JOYS for hosting a great give-away.

And thanks to everyone who participated and those who blogged, tweeted, or facebooked about the give-away as well! I know you've blessed Cathy and me, but also lots of others who needed to know about her systems and products.

Who will be the recipient of a free set of Filing JOYS and Tickler JOYS?

Deb Meyers of

Congratulations, Deb! I'll be in touch.


  1. Teh only time I collect receipts is at Christmas time. I just put them in an enevelope nd keep them until the end of January so that we can make sure everything works and fits then the envelope goes in th trash. I always keep receipts for purchases of items that have warranties. I staple them to the warranty card that comes with the item and file them in our filing cabinet. Once a year, we purge the file and get rid of receipts/cards where the warranty has expired. You do know that you do not have to fill out and mail warrant cards to the manufacture as long as you have the original receipt attached to the card. Found this out years ago on a 20/20 or Primetime report where they were notifying consumers that the data entry personnel for inputting this data for the companies are often inmates in prison. Same goes for surveys that you receive the mail. Inmates having access to our personal information did not set well with us is why we just started stapling the receipt to the warranty card. We have actually had to use the warranty on a couple of high end kitchen appliances and have no problem with them honoring the warranty. In fact, we found out even if you do mail in the warranty, they still require you mail them a copy of the original receipt.

  2. Thank you Amy and Cathy. This giveaway will be put to immediate use!

    blessings to you both,

    deb meyers

  3. Sherry, I did know that you do not need to mail in the warranty card, but I did NOT know that they used inmates in prisons to upload this information! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Congratulations to Deb.
    And Amy, take her up on the clothes rack contest. I'll enter for sure!


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